Kevin’s Portrait Project

In my music for adults with learning disability classes which I have been running in Newham for several years, I have over 100 students across the various classes. Some of them come independently but most of them attend the workshops with carers. The workshops have grown in strength and numbers over the years and the emphasis has moved toward developing performance skills with a themed show at the end of each 10 week term. 

I have always enjoyed what this community has to offer. There is an enormous amount of fun and laughter to be shared each week. Over time I have got to know these people very well.

it occurred to me a couple of years ago that I am most interested in portrait painting and I would like to try to do some. Working from square headshots taken on my iPhone I am attempting to create oil painting portraits of my students.

Although I am not very good at the moment, I believe I can acquire better skills at portraiture in oil with every new one I do.

i intend to paint 100 different portraits in the hope that by the time I have done the last one I should be pretty good.


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